Main Stage Programme

The main stage offers various live entertainment for all ages. All productions are focused on kids and promise to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see all your favourite characters on one stage. The festival promises to deliver a balanced line up with Afrikaans and English shows.

This exciting line up for both 11 & 12 May is as follows:

09:30 Die Laaste Mango

There is only one mango left in Rankplantland. The piggish queen Moira wants to keep everything to herself.

Makker & Mango is sent to steal all the food and water. Through this the two learn valuable lessons about recycling, water saving, and that we all, big and small, must learn to look after mother earth and to grow our own food to share with everyone.

Will the two trolls, Makker & Mango, be able to stop queen Moira? Or will Rankplantland just disappear completely...

1. Koninging Moira (Vark): Rudolph Basson
2. Mango (Trol) en Philicity (voël): Marissa Claasen
3. Makker (Trol) en Philecia (voël): Phillru van Achterbergh
4. Benjamin Baber en Sersant Armandillo): Pieter Erasmus 

45 Min

11:00 Gretha Pers

This is a comical interactive production and is suitable for the whole family. Gretha Pers has left audiences hysterical with laughter and begging for more.

She is hip and fills the stage with her lovable character and never fails the meet expectations. Gretha Pers was established in 2005 and has been entertaining audiences for over 9 years.

This is a show not to be missed and promises to be one of the highlights of the festival.

45 Min

12:30 Lollos

Lollos offers fantastic and unique entertainment for children in Afrikaans and now also in English! Together with Lettie, Disco & Karla, the friendly characters of Lalaland ensure children all over the country get fit!

Lollos and Lettie only visit the earth when children laugh excitedly: then their wings work and they come visit us!

During their lively performances, children are invited to dance together and in addition, the little team always learn something new in a fun way.

45 Min

14:30 Miemsie and the Naughty Lion – Puppet Theatre

Based on the classic, Little Red Riding Hood, this African version based on the book by Alex T. Smith will have young and old roaring with laughter.

Miemsie has to go to grandma’s house. Grandma woke up with Spottelitus! On her way she passes by several of her bush friends like, Jimmy the old crocodile, the monkey brothers, Mama Giraffe and her baby who all warn her about the very Naughty Lion.

When she finally reaches Grandma’s house she’s immediately suspicious…. But she won’t be taken for a fool. Miemsie will teach the very Naughty Lion a lesson… African style!

40 minutes

15.30 Tjiff & Tjaff

The characters of the popular children’s series Tjiff en Tjaff on Kyknet’s Koowee channel are brought to the stage.

The lovable green characters love going on trips and invite everybody to join them in their adventures.

They also love games and surprises of which there are a few during the show. Audiences might also be familiar with Tjiff and Tjaff’s favourite songs which features in the show.

Do not miss out on these 2 lovable characters!
45 minutes 

18:00 Mess Monsters – Puppet Theatre

The toys in Alex’s room are fed up and sad. They never get tidied up and everyday more and more of them brake or they just disappear!

What’s happening? Come join Alex and his toys on a song filled adventure of a lifetime.

Figure out the mystery of the lost toys. Who’s behind it and how can the nasty Mess Monsters be stopped!

This adorable interactive 30-minute puppet show is suited for children age 3 – 7 and takes the audience on an imaginative journey of self-discovery.

The show teaches the value of tiding up. This show is a one of a kind and children fall in love with the adorable characters.

This is also their debut at a festival and should be high on your priority list.

30 Minutes 

More Festival Highlights

Wine & Dine Area (Adults only)

Here adults can enjoy a glass of wine or an ice cold beer while the children are entertained.

Please note this area will be a no kids zone.


Various carnival rides will be available for children and control procedures will be in place.

Carnival rides are also included in your ticket price.

Children’s Beauty Salon

Another first of its kind at a festival.

The salon will offer the opportunity for girls to have their nails/toenails manicured, facials and hair done in a professional salon set up.

Fun for girlfriends or a mother and daughter bonding experience.

Bookings can be made at the salon, on the day. The Salon costs and procedures are not included in the ticket price.


What will a Children’s Festival be without loads and loads of sweets, sugary drinks, popcorn and much much more!

This area offer all kinds of sweets and drinks.

A candy wonderland with everything for any type of sweet tooth. Sweets not included in the ticket price.

Main Stage Productions

See all your favourite characters on one stage, all in one day! The main stage offers something for everyone from all walks of life.

Some of the best children’s entertainers that can be seen include Lollos, Tjiff en Tjaff, Gretha Pers, Michelle Botha’s puppet theatre and Die Laaste Mango / The Light Warrior.

For more info on the shows go the main stage productions. All main stage productions are included in the ticket price.

Huge variety Inflatable Park 

The inflatable park will be one of the biggest collections of inflatables ever seen.

It offers something for children of all ages. There will be time limits and restricted simultaneous participation.

This will allow all children to enjoy this park in a safe environment. The inflatable park is included in the ticket price.


All stalls focused on children.

Most of the goods that will be sold at the stalls will be unique and promises to be shopping heaven for children.

Make sure to bring loads of cash for this market.

Products purchased here are not included in the ticket price.

Various Food

Various foods that children love will be sold at the festival.

All food and drinks can be purchased at the grounds.

Food and drink can be paid for with card or cash. Come hungry!


Go ahead, change your life, enter now!

Kids Talent Festival is a one of a kind talent competition in South Africa that offers some of the biggest prizes to be won in a competition environment.

Each category winner will receive a cash prize of R 30 000 as well as Masterclasses by some of the finest International and South African artists, some with industry experience of over 30 years. A scholarship to take part in an International Festival will be offered.

The overall winner will get to perform at the Wêlakapêla Arts Festival 2020 and will be dressed by one of South Africa`s top fashion designers, Thomas Thomson.

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